North Line 1988 includes a set of notes describing significant sightings along the trip. Part of the fun of the video for me is that every time I watch it I spot something new: a building that is now gone, a model car I used to ride in as a kid, or something general about how human behavior is different today. I encourage you to add your own sightings to the notes. Comments will be monitored and added into a master narrative at the top of each station page.

Adding your own observations to the North Line 1988 project is very simple:

1) Create a user name and password by clicking “Register” at top right. You must log in to add comments and registering will allow you to do so. All contributors are recognized in the list at right. So be sure to enter your name exactly how you want it to appear in that list. Your name and your number of contributions will be shown, with the top contributor shown first.
2) Note the video counter time of what you have seen
3) Find the counter number in the “Select a Station” list to the right. Each area is given a geographical reference name followed by the video counter range it covers. The counter numbers return to 0:00 twice due to the video being in three sections.
4) Click on the list item and enter a comment with your observations and video counter location into the page that appears. The moderator will be notified, and he or she will add your observation to the master narrative for that section. The moderator will check in regularly. But it may take a few days for your new contribution to be added.

You may also use the search tool at top right to look for past comments on a given subject. For instance: searching by “Kennedy Expressway” would bring up any past contributions containing that phrase.

If you would like to be notified of new comments, check the box below the “Post Comment” button. You will receive an email notification each time someone adds a new observation for your chosen “Select a Station” page. Checking this box does not mean you will receive comment notifications for all pages. You may unsubscribe from comment notifications at any time. There is a link in each comment notification email you will receive that allows you to do so with one click.

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