Waukegan (28:01 – 35:15)

At about 29:23 we pass an E-Unit bringing its train out of the Waukegan coach yard. The VHS quality makes it tough to read the number. But it looks like 519. We know in fact it is 519 because of the following logic provided by historian Mark Ratzer:

Only the 516 and 521 had the same left side porthole arrangement by that date, and those can be ruled out because the 516 and 521 had C&NW style numerals (rather than the RTA style on the 519), and neither the 516 or 521 had kept their nose vents above the anti-climber.

The 519, according to Don Strack’s C&NW locomotive roster, is an original C&NW E8A. Built as the 5022-A in July of 1950, it was rebuilt at Oelwein IA and renumbered 519 September 30th 1974. It was sold to the RTA on December 31st 1977, and leased back to the C&NW for continued service on RTA-C&NW commuter trains. It was retired by RTA (Metra) on April 10th 1989.

Apparently, it still exists on display at the Arizona Railway Museum. Here is more history from the Arizona Railway Museum web site:

Sold 1992 to Pacific Rail Dismantlers who numbered her to PRDX 519. Sold 1997 to Monad Railway Equipment and numbered MREX 97. 2006 to Sonia Orlenko who moved the engine to the Arizona Railway Museum for display and storage.

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