Winnetka (34:36 – 36:55)

At 34:59 former CNS&M (North Shore Line) interurban Shore Line route right of way on the left or east. 36:00 shows foundations of a former North Shore Line passenger platform at Elm Street. Those foundations have since been removed on the western side of the former North Shore right of way, closest to the C&NW. Both the C&NW station and the Elm Street overpass seem to have been renovated. That may be the reason for removal. At roughly 36:25 we pass the Winnetka team track. According to former C&NW engineer Doug Davidson: “the C&NW and the North Shore (Shore Line) were jointly grade-separated between Kenilworth and Glencoe during the early 1940s. The project was conceived during the Great Depression as a WPA project, but was not completed until about 1943. This is why the current tracks jog at each end of the project. The project required an elevation at Indian Hill and a cut through Winnetka and Hubbard Woods. The team track was constructed to replace the original grade-level team track at Winnetka. It operated as a conventional team track in early years. It was no longer a public team track by the date you shot your video. In more recent years, it was/is used to temporarily hold track equipment.”

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